Snug as a Pug in a Snuggie

In this house, Saturday means not changing out of pajamas unless there is some sort of emergency. For a pug, what better way is there to keep your front legs warm while you parade around the living room than by wearing your very own Snuggie! Of course if it was just a traditional blanket, she would have to venture out into the cold to grab a quick drink of water or a snack. However, now Nickie is super cozy and loving it. We’re ready for more Saturday morning cartoons!

Snug as a Pug in a Snuggie1

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Make the Snow Stop Face

Some dogs love bounding through the snow and wildly digging and burrowing in it. Our pug is not one of those dogs. Nickie will cautiously explore the snow, often looking back at us to let us know she’s not pleased. When Nickie comes back inside, she just stares wistfully at us like she’s begging us to make the snow go away.

Make the Snow Stop

Lazy Day

On cold, snowy days like today, all the treats in the world couldn’t coax Nickie out of the house for a walk. This pug would much rather stay cozy and lounge in her bed.

Lazy Day

Pug Face Off

Nickie was having a face off with her toy today. We’re pretty sure she was planning her attack strategy because she pounced on it a moment later and carried it off to her bed.


Pug Snow Day

It’s another beautifully snowy day outside- perfect for tromping around out in the yard with Nickie. Let’s be honest, at this point in the winter, we could both use the exercise. Here we come, New Years’ resolutions of maybe finally achieving fitness!

Snow Day1

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