Friday Pug Melodies

I think Nickie is just as excited about the upcoming weekend as we are. While we were getting ready for work, she graced us with a beautiful mix of weird pug sounds. We like to think she’s just starting to celebrate the weekend a little early.

Pleading Pug

Even though it it is still freezing out, and there’s no end in sight to the wintery weather, Nickie is still leaving little puffs of fur everywhere she goes in the house. I tried to explain to her that this is why I had to vacuum this morning, even though I know she doesn’t like the vacuum. This was her response. The puppy dog eyes plus head tilt combo were almost enough for me to put the vacuum away.


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Portrait of a Pug

William Hogarth was an English artist and pug enthusiast that lived from 1697 to 1764. In 1745 he painted a self portrait with his adorable pug. He also included a pug in his 1730 painting entitled “A House of Cards”.

Hogarth Pug Portrait

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Contemplating the Week

Nickie is looking unusually pensive this morning, and we can only imagine that she is running through her extensive plans for the week. I imagine her to-do list is full of fun pug tasks like destroy stuffed toy, lick refrigerator daily, and play with every toy she owns.

Contemplating the Week

Leaning Tower of Pug

Nickie has some irrational fears of strange things like plastic bags and paper, but is actually pretty curious and unfazed when it comes to things like the vacuum that objectively seem much scarier. I think she’s interested enough in us opening a big pile of mail to want a better look, but not brave enough to come closer. You see, all that paper might be dangerous.

Leaning Tower of Pug

January Pug of the Month Winner

Our friend Prince the pug is 3 years old, and has mastered the art of making sweet puppy dog eyes. He is the proud winner of our January Pug of the Month contest hosted on Facebook:

We’ll be crowning our new winner for February soon!

January Pug of the Month