Happy Birthday Pug!

Nickie is already wearing her pug party dress and is prepared for birthday fun! She might not know exactly what all the fuss is about, but we’re excited to fill her special day with lots of decorations, party games, and pug treats as we celebrate another fantastic year together.

Happy Birthday Pug 1

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Story Time Pug

Pugs are smart little dogs, and it’s important to exercise their brains. We love spending quality time reading with our pug Nickie. She seems to enjoy listening to our tales of great adventure as well… or maybe she just likes cuddling with us on the couch. It’s hard to say.

Reading Pug 1

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Ready for Her Close-Up

Pugs tend to be notorious for shedding like crazy, even in winter! Here, we have managed to temporarily tame Nickie’s flyaway pug hair tumbleweeds with a good brushing. Now that she’s looking her best, she’s ready to greet the day.

Ready for Her Close Up