Princess and Her Pug

This lovely portrait of a pug (and princess) was painted by Louis-Michel van Loo in 1759. The painting “Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna Golitsyna” captures the luxury and opulence of the Russian court. Pugs were very popular in Russia since the days of Peter the Great, and they had become a symbol of aristocracy.

Princess painting

Hopeful Pug

Nickie is a smart little pug, and she has learned where her food and all her tasty treats are kept (the pantry). She often just sits or stands right in front of the pantry and gazes longingly upward, hoping treats will fall from it’s high shelves. It’s a good thing she’s too short to sneak in there and raid the pantry.

Treat Pug

Hiding From Monday

Monday mornings are always the hardest after a great weekend. This little pug named Bebop appears to be trying to escape from Monday morning by hiding behind a curtain. We appreciate your ingenuity Bebop, but we don’t think it’s going to work.

Pug Hiding 1  Pug Hiding 2

Photos by LoveMaegan



Well-Groomed Pug

Nickie is looking quite content after her spa treatment at the groomer’s, complete with nails, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. Maybe she’s just happy it’s Friday. Either way, you can almost see the sparkle in that smile.

Well-Groomed Pug 1

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