Beautiful Pug

We think the media has always recognized how adorable pugs are. Check out this centerfold engraving from Harper’s Weekly in 1878 entitled “Beauty and The Beast”.  “Beast” must be referring to the angry black cat because that pug is beautiful. :)

St. Paddy’s Day Pugs

As many know, it is tradition to wear the green of the Emerald Isle and shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks are a symbol of Ireland, and the word shamrock was derived from the Irish word for “little clover”. Interestingly, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with parades was a tradition started in America that has spread all over the world.

Today we are celebrating the luck o’ the Irish with a charming St. Patrick’s Day pug and his friend!

St Patrics Day Pug

Photo by Maegan Tintari

Ready for a Pug Walk

Now that it has gotten a little bit warmer, we’ve been having fun taking Nickie out for walks around the neighborhood again. Here she is with her collar on waiting patiently for us to get the harness out and suit her up for the great outdoors!

Ready for a Pug Walk


Monday mornings always seem to be a little sluggish in our house, and this Monday morning after the Daylight Savings Time change is hitting particularly hard. It looks like Nickie could use that extra hour of sleep back just as much as we could.

Pugs don't like Mondays either

Majestic Pug

Here you see our pug looking quite majestic and determined as we share with her our grand plans for the weekend ahead. We think she’s ready to take on the world (or at least the pet store and a bath).

A majestic pug