Treat? What Treat?

We gave Nickie her usual treat this morning after going outside, but then she started acting like we had forgotten to give it to her at all. Here she is begging for more treats and maybe looking a little offended that we wouldn’t give her another. It’s for the best little pug, it’s for the best.

Treat What Pug Treat

Queen Victoria’s Pugs

Queen Victoria was one of the most well-known royal pug enthusiasts. She had kept 36 pugs and was also a pug breeder. This is a lovely painting of Queen Victoria’s pugs by Gourlay Steell called The Drumplier Pugs, circa 1867.

Queen Victoria's Pugs

Mardi Gras Pugs

Though Mardi Gras is not nationally observed in the United States, it is celebrated with festivals, dancing, sports competitions, and parades in many other countries. A few cities in the U.S. do host festivities, and many of them are already underway this weekend. To get you in the spirit to celebrate, check out some of these Mardi Gras pugs!




mardi gras pug 1

Photo by lauren_dw

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