Pool Party Pugs

What could be better than spending a relaxing day with your pug by the pool? Some pugs can’t get enough of splashing around in the pool, but pugs also tend to be poor swimmers. Make sure you keep an eye on your pug if they are in a pool where they can’t touch the bottom, and don’t leave your pug unattended near a pool. These pugs are all enjoying some serious pool party fun!

Pool Party Pug 1

Photo by Muggsy & Debbie

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Is it Playtime Yet?

Nickie was in quite a playful mood this morning, so we spent some time running around in the yard and enjoying the nice morning before getting ready. She must be in good spirits because she knows the weekend is almost here.

Is it Playtime Yet Pug


A Day for Remembering

We would like to take a moment on Memorial Day to remember all those who have given it all to fight for freedom. Our hearts go out to all the friends and families of fallen soldiers, and we want everyone to know we truly appreciate their service!

Remembering those who gave it all for freedom

Photo by Choking sun

Brace Yourself for BBQ

We’re looking forward to some quality time with the grill this afternoon to make some delicious BBQ. Nickie usually spends grill time trotting around the yard or basking lazily in the sunshine. When it’s time to serve the food though, she’s front and center ready to pounce on anything that might make its way to the ground. Pugs are always prepared for a good BBQ.

Brace Yourself for BBQ Pug

Photo by liz west

Keep Your Pug Protected

We hope everyone is having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

As you hang outside with your awesome pugs (and other furry friends), please make sure that you have your flea and tick preventatives to protect them since the season is in full swing. If you have run out preventatives, consider using 1-800 Pet Meds like us.

It saves us a good amount of money (about 10 dollars) every time we buy from them (and we only have one pug!). To be completely transparent, the link above IS an affiliate link – meaning if you click the link and then buy from them, they will give About Pug a small portion of the sale at no cost to you, which really helps us keep the lights on!

Most of all though, please make sure to keep your pugs safe and happy so they can enjoy the nice weather too!

Protect Your Pug

Road Trip Pug

For the many people embarking on long road trips this Memorial Day weekend, we can sympathize. Spending hours in the car in traffic on your way to your new destination isn’t the most fun way to spend the day, but you’ll be there soon! This pug looks particularly tired of being cooped up in the car.

Road Trip Pug

Photo by Hannah K

Crazy Pug

Nickie was very excited yesterday about the prospects of going for a walk. As soon as she heard us taking her leash out, she went into crazy pug mode, running around the living room and barking at us. Admittedly, we were pretty excited about walk time too.

Crazy Pug 1

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