Portable Pug

Sometimes you just want to be able to take your pug everywhere with you. This looks like a great solution to the issue of pug portability! There’s nothing quite like a snuggly sleeping pug in your backpack to brighten the day!

Portable Pug

Photo by billfromesm

Morning Dreams

While we dream of not having to go to work in the morning, the pugs of the world are enjoying their sleepy morning dreams. We often wonder what they’re dreaming about. Maybe an endless pile of treats?

Morning Dreams

Photo by Audrey

Ready for Some Weekend Adventures!

We love the weekends because we have a little extra time for adventuring, and we particularly enjoy taking our pug out for adventures. Whether it’s a wild romp in a park, an exciting car ride to explore the city, or just a quick trip to the local custard place, Nickie is quite the adventurous pug. We enjoy hearing about and seeing pictures of other pugs exploring the world, and here is one of our favorites.

Pug Ready for Saturday Adventures

Photo by Lauren_dw


Great Day for a Nap

Some days when you wake up, you just know it’s going to be one of those drowsy sorts of days. We’re pretty sure that today is going to be one of those and that 2:00 pm is going to hit like a ton of bricks on our sleepy heads. Sometimes you have to just embrace the nap like this darling little pug.

Great Day for a Nap Pug

Photo by trophygeek