Spotlight on Pugs!

Pugs are delightful little dogs, and we love to highlight how awesome they are! These little dogs are bursting with personality and make wonderful companions. They are sweet, gentle, fun-loving, and of course adorable!

Spotlight on Pugs

Photo by mrgreen09

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! This holiday commemorates victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862 and celebrates freedom and democracy. Of course, every day should also celebrate pugs, so here is our favorite Cinco de Mayo pug!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Pug

Photo by Sanial

Adventure Pug

Nickie loves to go on grand adventures, exploring the far reaches of our yard to uncover the most interesting sights, sounds, and scents. Here she is enjoying the jungle that was our yard before the first mowing this spring. Some of those dandelions might even be taller than she is!

Adventure Pug 2

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