This Sounds Like A Job for Super-Pug!

Sometimes it is overwhelming to make to-do lists, and you feel like you need way more hours in the day to get everything done. This is where pugs come in! While they may not be able to help you get everything (or anything) done, they do help you relax and put everything in perspective on what’s important. So let’s move things like “Hug your pug” up to the top of the to-do list today. :)

Super Pug

Photo by rpavich


Now That You’re Awake… Breakfast?

It seems like the mind of a pug is dedicated to a few key things, most importantly, food. When our pug is ready for breakfast or dinner (even if it’s 2:00pm), she is relentless in her attempts to get our attention and convince us to feed her. Some of the tactics pugs use include uncomfortable amounts of eye contact, unusual closeness (even for pugs), and strange (desperate) noises.

Now that you are awake pug

Photo by Rick Harris

Want a Happy Pug? Just Add Sunshine!

Pugs can be like cats in some ways (and not like cats in a million other ways). One of the traits they share is their sunshine seeking prowess. We often see our pug finding the little sliver of sunshine on the floor to bask in. The other secret ingredient to pug happiness is probably belly rubs. If you want to see what happens when all three are combined, see the picture below. :)

Just Add Sunshine Pug

Photo by Rick Harris

Hooray! It’s Morning! … Now Let Me Go Back to Sleep…

Everyone (and every pug) has times  where they wake up with all the best intentions but the motivation quickly sneaks away. We’re feeling quite sleepy this overcast morning, and even Nickie seems to be a little sleepier than usual. We may have to join this adorable little pug for an emergency nap break!

Now Let Me Go Back to Sleep Pug

Photo by Meaghan O’Malley

So Tired… Must Continue Licking…

Pugs are notorious for many quirky behaviors, and one of these is definitely their constant licking of just about anything they encounter. We were up bright and early this morning, and even though Nickie was still a bit groggy, she spent several minutes sprawled out licking her bed (and clutching her penguin for reasons unbeknownst to us) before finally giving in and drifting off to sleep.

Tired Licking Pug

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