That Look of Shock

This is the sort of expression that you might see on your pug when, for example, you have just eaten the last piece of bacon without sharing or you put on jeans and now your pug knows you’ll be leaving the house soon. We’re always amazed at the many amazing (and adorable) expressions that pugs make. How they are feeling is written all over their cute little faces!

Shocked Pug

Photo by Rick Harris

Beggars of the House

This is probably a familiar sight for any pug owner. Any time we open something that makes a crinkly noise like chips or cereal, our pug comes running into the kitchen to see if there might be snacks to share. It’s not a bad diet plan, since seeing her pleading eyes makes us feel guilty enough to think twice about getting a snack next time.

Pugs are Beggars of the House

Photo by e_haya

So Excited It’s Friday!

We know that people get excited every week when Friday rolls around, and we start thinking about all the things we’ll do (or not do) over the weekend. We have a sneaking suspicion that pugs look forward to the weekend just as much as we do. After all, weekends are even more full of walks, belly rubs, car rides, and all the activities that pugs love best.

Excited Pug

Photo by Alex Brown

Pug Deep in Thought

Have you ever noticed your pug staring very intently at something for an unusually long amount of time? We notice Nickie doing this frequently, and we can’t help but wonder what is going on in her mind. What is so fascinating about the floor or a tree that she just can’t take her eyes off of it? We like to imagine that she is thinking deep and important thoughts, although it’s probably more likely that she is just struggling to stay awake.

Pug Deep in Thought

Photo by DaPuglet