Multitasking Pug

Just like their favorite people, pugs are also creatures of habit. Our pug Nickie spends every morning playing with her bacon-flavored bone toy (we’re pretty sure it’s her favorite). Once she’s done for the morning, she’ll ignore the toy for the rest of the day until the next morning. This is a rare instance where we found her combining both of her favorite morning activities – stretching and chewing on her bone!

Just Playing Pug

Cruising Together

There are few things in the world (that are not food) that are as exciting to our pug Nickie as car rides. Even when we take her outside for a walk around the neighborhood, she often bolts straight to the car and stares at us expectantly. This pug was made for cruising.

Car Ride Pug 1

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I Can Has Cheezburger Too!

We’re all familiar with delightfully captioned adorable or hilarious pictures of cats and dogs online. Well, there’s no reason that cheeseburgers should be just for cats to enjoy and aspire to! We can all agree that it’s a well-known fact that pugs also like cheeseburgers in all forms. :)

Cheezburger Pug

Photo by mike krzeszak

Frolicking in the Sun

There’s nothing quite like an invigorating run in the sun! Our pug loves being outside and enjoying the sunshine, and she runs crazily in big circles around the yard when she’s excited (and then falls asleep almost immediately once she’s back inside). This stunning pug has great frolicking form. Just look at those bouncing ears and the great big smile!

Frolicking in the Sun Pug

Photo by Denise Rosser