Good Morning to You Too

Sometimes we wish we could live a day in the life of our pampered pug. She spends her hours napping, playing, and cuddling (and scavenging around the kitchen floor for food). What could be better? We can’t help but feel like pugs might know how good they have it, and be rubbing it in a little bit when they stick out their little pink tongues.

Pug With Tongue

Photo by tjortenzi2012

Just Bee Happy

There are three things that never fail to brighten our days… 1) Being with our pug, 2) Meeting more pugs, and 3) Pugs in costumes. It’s true that many types of dogs look good in costume, but we think that pugs pull off costumes particularly well. You could almost reach out and touch the concentration and resolve coming from their wrinkly foreheads.

Bee Happy Pug

Photo by Sharon Terry

Sharing Pug Love

We love how sweet and devoted pugs are. It is heartwarming to see pugs playing together and sharing their toys. We especially love it when our pug Nickie brings us her favorite toys and lays them at our feet. It’s almost like she’s trying to give us a turn to play with them.

Sharing Stick Pugs

Photo by Judith Arsenault

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Pugs seem to have an uncanny ability to stroll in and settle on our feet or climb onto our laps whenever there is food. They seem to be interested in whatever we might be eating or planning to eat, whether it is a fruit, a vegetable, or bacon. We’re always careful about what we share, but we like any excuse to have our pug close by!

Orange Pug

Photo by e_haya