Sun so bright!

Sun bathing is always more fun with a friend close by, and pugs do love sunshine! They should make pug sized sun glasses for this sort of occasion so our little friends don’t have to squint!

Sun so bright pug

Photo by Audrey

Me Want Cookie!

Even not dressed up as loveable characters from TV, pugs are known for demanding cookies from their families (or anyone who will listen) and happily gobbling them up. They are our favorite little cookie monsters! Then again, who doesn’t love a tasty cookie now and then?

Cookie Monster pug

Photo by Rick Harris

OMG Food?!

Pugs are the perfect little scavengers, and the mere possibility of food is enough to send them into uncontrollable fits of excitement. Sometimes all you want to do is deliver a thoughtful pat on the head, but your hand is intercepted along the way and thoroughly investigated for edibles (only to disappoint). We love pugs for their intense curiosity and insatiable hunger for all the delicious things life has in store!

Food Pug

Photo by e_haya


Ignorance is Bliss When You’re Driving to the Vet!

Nickie loves going for rides in the car, and we love bringing her along as a travel companion for trips to the park, the pet store, and other adventures. Car rides to the vet’s office are always bittersweet. Nickie has a fantastic time until the dreaded building comes into sight, then she’s wishing she stayed home. Shhh… don’t tell her we’re on our way to the V-E-T for a checkup!

VET pug