If only running really was this exciting…

We admire how pugs seem to be able to make just about any task seem much more exciting than it really is. Suddenly vacuuming transforms into a harrowing battle, picking up toys becomes a frenzied game, and running around outside is the most exhilarating thing that could possibly happen today. It would be great if we could borrow some of this boundless enthusiasm for things like chores, exercising and work!

Running pug

Photo by Jeff Kalikstein



Innocent until proven guilty!

Pugs can get away with anything. There have been many occasions where we have come home to discover the trash scattered across the kitchen floor or miscellaneous household items like papers, pens, the TV remote, etc nibbled on. Who could it have been? Our pug always puts on her best innocent face when welcoming us home to these sorts of scenes. Does this look familiar to you too?

Innocent until proven guilty pug

Photo by unfalse

Our role model for intense focus

We’re big on “to-do” lists, but oftentimes we start doing something, only to be distracted by several other items that are on the list or probably should have been. It can be challenging to focus on completing the task at hand before moving on to the many other things we like to do in a day. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, and what better source of inspiration than a pug! Look at that concentration and determination!

Laser Focus Pug

Photo by rpavich

Irresistably sleepy pug!

There is just something so endearing about sleepy animals, and sleepy pugs just take it to a whole new level of awesome! Our pug tends to fall asleep while sitting up or even standing, and pugs have a reputation for falling asleep in the strangest places and positions. It’s hard to resist waking them up by petting or cuddling them!

Cute Sleepy Pug

Photo by VeryMotoMoto

Om nom nom

Pugs are curious (and hungry!) little dogs. When we’re outside on an adventure with our dog, every time we turn our heads she seems to find something peculiar to nibble on. Flowers, plants, bugs, and sticks beware!

Om nom nom pug


Are You Sure You Have to Go?

Leaving the house can be a challenge when you know you have to leave your pug behind for a little while. Even though it’s hard to watch those sad eyes as you put on your shoes and get ready to go, it’s nice to know that you will be missed and that someone will be very happy to see you when you return!

Are you sure you have to go pug

Photo by rpavich

The Beautiful July Pug of the Month Winner!

Each month we celebrate wonderful pugs in the world with our Pug of the Month photo contest! Our Facebook pug fans submit photos of their pugs and vote to decide who will be crowned the winner each month. We are excited to announce that Pickles was victorious and is our July Pug of the Month!  Here we can see Pickles dutifully delivering the day’s homework :).


July Pug of the month