When pugs fly!

Pugs can be a little on the lazy side, but sometimes they really surprise us with their athletic abilities (and boundless enthusiasm for running around like crazy!). We can’t help but wonder what is going through this little guy’s mind as he happily soars over the hurdles and dominates this agility course. He looks ready for anything!

Agiligy pug

Can we play now?

Play time with your pug is one of the most important (and awesome) times of the day! Our pug knows that we have dedicated a chunk of time after breakfast each day for some serious play time, and she loves to bring us her favorite toys as we’re finishing up our bowls of cereal each morning. It looks like our friend here is ready for play time as well!

Can we play now pug

Photo by DaPuglet

Happy first day of fall!

Fall is one of our favorite seasons, and it’s one of our pug’s favorite seasons as well! Gone are the sweltering, hot days of summer and in come the breezy, cool days of fall! We love sipping apple cider and taking long walks to watch the changing leaves with our pug, and we can’t wait kick off the fall festivities today!

Happy first day of fall pug

Photo by kreezzalee