Pugs are the best listeners

Most people talk to their dogs, but when we talk to our pug, it seems like she’s really listening intently. She’ll often chime in with heavy sighs and sounds of agreement or surprise when appropriate. Maybe it’s the head tilts that really seal the deal and convince us that she must have some idea what we are talking about!

Thoughtful pug

Photo by Rick Harris

Reluctant Pug

Pugs have so much character, and they are known for having quite a stubborn streak. We have learned that when our pug decides she is done walking, then she is definitely done walking. This pug appears to be not so sure about this whole “long walks on the beach” idea.

Reluctant pug

Photo by Craig Chew-Moulding

Trouble times two!

We love pugs, and we know that they are experts at getting into trouble when they have the proper motivation. What pug could resist diving into the recycling and playing in all the old newspapers (and nibbling on the tastiest pages)? Our pug definitely has a weakness for chewing up paper, so we have to be extra careful to help her stay out of trouble!

trouble times two pugs

Photo by sunsets_for_you