The best backseat driver ever!

While we’re normally not fans of commentary on our driving from a critical peanut gallery in the backseat, we are huge fans of the happy snorting, grumbling, and barking of a pug on the road with us. We’re pretty sure they are requesting us to open the window more, drive faster, and go back to that hamburger place, but we were going to do all of those things anyways.

Pugs: The masters of begging

With those puppy dog eyes and their sweet, wrinkly faces, pugs are highly successful in the realm of begging for food! They can charm that piece of chicken or bite of banana right out of your hands. We try to limit the people food we share with our pug, but sometimes the cuteness is just too much to say no to!

That laser focus!

Sometimes we wish we could channel the intense and long-lasting focus of a pug watching someone eat a snack to help us get through the work-day. This impressive degree of attention to detail can also be seen when your pug is watching you dig through the fridge, when they hear an unidentified sound somewhere in the distance, or even when they are just staring at a particularly interesting spot on the floor.

Bored Pug? Try Pug Box!

Is your pug bored and looking for entertainment? Get their tail wagging and faces smiling with a special delivery from Pug Box! Pug Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers a box of fantastic toys and delicious treats to your pug. There is also a little gift for you in every box! We love that feeling of getting packages in the mail, and your pug can share in the excitement.


Who said wrinkles weren’t cute?

Normally in life, we do our best to avoid wrinkles. They’re just not ideal when they show up in important papers, your freshly ironed work clothes, or next to the dark circles under your eyes. When it comes to pugs though, we can’t get enough of them! Pugs rock wrinkles better than anyone, and they are just one of the reasons pugs are so adorable. You can keep your pug’s precious wrinkles clean by carefully going over them with a cotton swab as part of their regular grooming.