The perfectly petable pug

Pugs are ideal companion dogs, and they love being close to their pug parents. We love taking a break from a busy day to pamper our pug with pets and belly rubs. You may wonder what makes pugs so perfect for petting, and there are many reasons. Pugs are particularly affectionate dogs who adore nothing more than basking for hours with your undivided attention. Well… perhaps nothing more than eating treats and hanging out with you. When running your hand through a pug’s short coat and over their abundant wrinkles, all your troubles just seem to melt away. In addition to their warm and cuddly personalities, a pug’s coat is tightly packed with hairs, and most pugs have double coats. This means even more soft pug hair for you to enjoy during snuggle time (and vacuum up later)!

Happy National Pickle Day!

There are a lot of quirky holidays out there, but did you know that November 14th is National Pickle Day? We like to celebrate all holidays big and small with our pug, so we naturally tried to celebrate National Pickle Day with Nickie. After introducing her to this delightful dill, we discovered that she is not really a pickle sort of pug.

Five reasons why you just can’t say “No” to a pug

  1. That adorable face! It’s enough to melt your heart.
  2. Your pug’s delighted snorting and happy dance are hands-down the best parts of your day.
  3. Seeing that curly tail wag in crazy circles is probably worth giving them what they want.
  4. Your resolve really starts to crumble as soon as their head starts to tilt sideways.
  5. They probably won’t listen anyways, so you may as well say “Yes”!


Photo by Caitlyn Craft

Getting up is hard to do

When your bed is this cozy, and you know it’s going to be freezing outside, you can’t help but feel this way. This pug’s expression pretty much sums up how we feel about Monday mornings. Forget five more minutes. We may need five more hours of snoozing!