Adorable pug having a ball playing!

There is nothing cuter than pugs at play! With their short little legs, squishy faces, and wildly flopping tails, it’s hard not to laugh when you’re watching a pug chase down a plushie or bound after their favorite ball. This cute puppy is having a fantastic time outside soaking in the sunlight and nibbling on her ball.

Can it be cuddle time yet?

Pugs are perfect warm and fuzzy companions to snuggle with on the couch in the evening. Whether you’re sitting down to watch your favorite show or picking up a great book, pugs love to be close by (sometimes too close!), so block of some dedicated cuddle time with your pug this evening.

The three pugsketeers are ready for adventure!

This adorable trio is ready to seize the day and capture your heart! Pugs always seem to be up for a great adventure, though sometimes they may require some motivation (treats) if you catch them during nap time. Enjoy another day of exciting adventures with your favorite pugs!

Cutest snack attack ever!

This cute little snack monster was caught on camera nibbling on her favorite chew toy! If your pug’s toy and treat collection need some spicing up to prepare for the fall season, sign up for Pug Box! Pug Box delivers an assortment of awesome treats, toys, and fun pug stuff right to your door.

Starting the long weekend a little early!

Those last few hours of the workday before a holiday weekend go by painfully slowly! Instead of watching the clock tick down those final minutes, this pug is sneaking outside to catch some extra sunshine this afternoon to get ready for a big weekend of fun ahead!

The best backseat driver ever!

While we’re normally not fans of commentary on our driving from a critical peanut gallery in the backseat, we are huge fans of the happy snorting, grumbling, and barking of a pug on the road with us. We’re pretty sure they are requesting us to open the window more, drive faster, and go back to that hamburger place, but we were going to do all of those things anyways.

Pugs: The masters of begging

With those puppy dog eyes and their sweet, wrinkly faces, pugs are highly successful in the realm of begging for food! They can charm that piece of chicken or bite of banana right out of your hands. We try to limit the people food we share with our pug, but sometimes the cuteness is just too much to say no to!