Who said wrinkles weren’t cute?

Normally in life, we do our best to avoid wrinkles. They’re just not ideal when they show up in important papers, your freshly ironed work clothes, or next to the dark circles under your eyes. When it comes to pugs though, we can’t get enough of them! Pugs rock wrinkles better than anyone, and they are just one of the reasons pugs are so adorable. You can keep your pug’s precious wrinkles clean by carefully going over them with a cotton swab as part of their regular grooming.

Cute pug begging for a treat

You may be convinced your pug isn’t able to hear well after calling them endlessly when it’s time to go outside in the rain. However, the moment the refrigerator door creaks or you crinkle a bag of chips, their super-sensitive selective hearing kicks in, and there they are!

Cute pug begging

Photo by rpavich