Adorable pug having a ball playing!

There is nothing cuter than pugs at play! With their short little legs, squishy faces, and wildly flopping tails, it’s hard not to laugh when you’re watching a pug chase down a plushie or bound after their favorite ball. This cute puppy is having a fantastic time outside soaking in the sunlight and nibbling on her ball.

Cutest snack attack ever!

This cute little snack monster was caught on camera nibbling on her favorite chew toy! If your pug’s toy and treat collection need some spicing up to prepare for the fall season, sign up for Pug Box! Pug Box delivers an assortment of awesome treats, toys, and fun pug stuff right to your door.

Pug puppy sneaking a snack

We’re almost one full month into the new year, and well… let’s just say that we are mostly keeping up with our New Years’ resolutions to be healthier and snack less. As this adorable pug puppy knows too well, sometimes you can’t resist an extra little nibble here and there.

pug sneaking a snack