Some pugs take walks pretty seriously

Some pugs seem to approach walks as an opportunity to trot through the neighborhood, look around at stuff, and hang out with their favorite people. Other pugs may have a different agenda. It looks like this pug has taken up the serious challenge of sniffing as many things as possible during his outdoor exploration. The wrinkled brow and look of intense focus definitely give it away. :)

cute pug on street

Photo by Hannah Webb

The perfect model!

Pugs love to ham it up when it comes to photo sessions. With so much personality packed into one small pup, it can be hard to capture it all in a photo, but this pug is going all out striking a pose for the camera.

Preparing to pack Pug Boxes!

Nickie is already getting excited about packing up this month’s Pug Boxes to send to all of her pug friends next week! If you are interested in having tasty treats, fantastic toys, and great pug stuff delivered right to your door each month, sign up today! Visit the Pug Box website to learn more.

Afternoon nap attack!

Those early afternoon hours right after lunch can be tough to power through sometimes, and pugs seem to know this better than anyone else. We fully support the pug-approved solution of afternoon naps for everyone! Nickie the pug is definitely enjoying her afternoon nap time today. :)

Well, hello!

Nickie is used to our paparazzi-like surprise photo sessions, and she doesn’t mind them as long as they come with ample snuggles and sometimes a tasty treat. Here she is to wish all of her pug friends a happy start to their week!