Trouble training your pug?

If you are struggling to get your pug to sit, stay, and speak, you are not alone! Though adorable and full of personality, pugs are a notoriously stubborn dog breed. It can be easier to ensure a well-behaved pug if you start training early. Preventing your pug from picking up bad habits in the first place is often easier than trying to get your pug to unlearn those unwanted behaviors.

We believe in the power of positive reinforcement as an important training tool for pugs. Positive reinforcement means rewarding your pug when they are behaving well. You can reward your pug with attention, treats, or toys. If your pug is doing something you’re not happy with (like chewing on one of your favorite shoes), it’s important for you to stay calm. Calmly take away the object you don’t want them to chew on and provide them with a toy that they can chew on. Once they are chewing on an appropriate item, reward your pug with pats and praise. This will help them learn what they are and aren’t supposed to nibble on. As companion dogs, pugs pay close attention to their owners’ tone and body language. It’s important not to yell, hit, or act aggressively towards your pug when they aren’t behaving well. These kinds of behaviors may cause your pug emotional stress and they may begin to be afraid of you. Pugs love spending time with people, so investing some time in training your pug is a great way to ensure a happy and healthy relationship.

Pug coming to terms with morning

Not everyone is a morning person, and the same goes for pugs! We’ve witnessed our pug groggily slinking out of bed in the morning only to fall sound asleep in a different bed minutes later. This pug seems to be taking a few minutes of quiet time to get his thoughts in order before starting the day.

nervous black pug face


Play time pugs!

These adorable pugs are ready to take off for the afternoon for some much needed play time! After all, what better way to spend your afternoon than playing outside with your favorite pugs?

Adorable pug having a ball playing!

There is nothing cuter than pugs at play! With their short little legs, squishy faces, and wildly flopping tails, it’s hard not to laugh when you’re watching a pug chase down a plushie or bound after their favorite ball. This cute puppy is having a fantastic time outside soaking in the sunlight and nibbling on her ball.

Can it be cuddle time yet?

Pugs are perfect warm and fuzzy companions to snuggle with on the couch in the evening. Whether you’re sitting down to watch your favorite show or picking up a great book, pugs love to be close by (sometimes too close!), so block of some dedicated cuddle time with your pug this evening.

The three pugsketeers are ready for adventure!

This adorable trio is ready to seize the day and capture your heart! Pugs always seem to be up for a great adventure, though sometimes they may require some motivation (treats) if you catch them during nap time. Enjoy another day of exciting adventures with your favorite pugs!

Starting the long weekend a little early!

Those last few hours of the workday before a holiday weekend go by painfully slowly! Instead of watching the clock tick down those final minutes, this pug is sneaking outside to catch some extra sunshine this afternoon to get ready for a big weekend of fun ahead!