The Pug Cold Shoulder

We had to “retire” one of Nickie’s old, ratty toys this morning, and I think our pug is holding a grudge. Here she is giving us the cold shoulder. Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to her by picking up a shiny new toy on the way home from work.

The Cold Shoulder

Pug Ears

In addition to being super soft and adorable, pug ears are a defining feature of the breed. They can come in two different varieties. Most pugs have button ears with a fold going across the center and the tip coming down to the corner of the pug’s eye. It is rare to see a pug with rose ears. They are smaller and the front edge is folded against the side of the pug’s head. Here is Nickie showing off those button ears.

Nickie with her Button Ears:

Pug Ears

Graceful Pug

Playtime with your pug is one of the best times of the day. Their excitement is definitely contagious, and we were rooting for our pug Nickie to catch her panda toy every time. She missed a lot, but didn’t seem to mind. Here are some of our pug’s most determined playtime moments of the day, as well as moments of surprise when the panda evaded her grasp.

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Mixed Emotions

Pugs are complex little creatures with a lot of personality, and our pug Nickie is usually pretty good at communicating how she’s feeling. This one was perplexing though. We put a treat on the floor, and it was hard to tell at first whether she was initially excited about it or terrified of it. Maybe she thought it was a trick? She eventually sorted it out and grabbed her tasty treat.

Mixed Emotions1

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We tried to get the pug to play this morning, but it doesn’t look like she is interested. Maybe we scared her off with too much enthusiasm? In any case, Nickie has withdrawn to the corner of the room to scowl at us. She’ll probably feel better after breakfast.