Pug Snow Day

It’s another beautifully snowy day outside- perfect for tromping around out in the yard with Nickie. Let’s be honest, at this point in the winter, we could both use the exercise. Here we come, New Years’ resolutions of maybe finally achieving fitness!

Snow Day1

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Training Fail

Try as we might, neither of can master the techniques and finesse of The Dog Whisperer. The problem is not the motivation of the subject. The pug would pretty much do anything for a treat… if she could just figure out what we were asking her to do. We were just standing there holding a treat, and she promptly went through her whole repertoire of cool tricks. Well, namely just the three (sit, lay down, and speak). It didn’t take long. She became offended when we laughed at her, so we gave her the treat as a consolation prize for her efforts. We’ll have to re-think our backup plan of creating a pug circus.

Training Fail1

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