Can we play now?

Play time with your pug is one of the most important (and awesome) times of the day! Our pug knows that we have dedicated a chunk of time after breakfast each day for some serious play time, and she loves to bring us her favorite toys as we’re finishing up our bowls of cereal each morning. It looks like our friend here is ready for play time as well!

Can we play now pug

Photo by DaPuglet

Trouble times two!

We love pugs, and we know that they are experts at getting into trouble when they have the proper motivation. What pug could resist diving into the recycling and playing in all the old newspapers (and nibbling on the tastiest pages)? Our pug definitely has a weakness for chewing up paper, so we have to be extra careful to help her stay out of trouble!

trouble times two pugs

Photo by sunsets_for_you

Don’t mind me, just stealing your hair tie… and your heart!

Most pug owners have had at least one experience where they are looking for that other sock, an important paper, or their favorite hair accessory, only to discover that it has been commandeered by their adorable pug. Even though you upturned the whole house looking for that one thing, you can’t even get upset at your pug for sneaking away with it (who knows how many hours ago). They were just keeping it safe for you until you retrieved it, right?

Pug Stealing your hairtie and your heart

Photo by e_haya