Your pug is your biggest fan!

It’s easy to fall victim to your pug’s irresistible puppy dog eyes, but important not to forget that they are looking up to you as the leader of your family pack! Make sure that you are being a good pack leader by leading your dog on walks and following proper pack etiquette to ensure order and happiness for your precious pooch!

adoring pug

Think today just can’t get any better? So does this pug!

We think one of the things that makes pugs so loveable is their boundless optimism and excitement over every little thing. You have to admit, their unbridled happiness can be pretty contagious! This delighted pug is just tickled with how cute he looks in this costume! With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, it’s no wonder he’s excited to try it on! We hope you have a very happy Sunday!Pug in lobster costume

Did you hear that?

Even though pugs aren’t necessarily the best choice when it comes to home protection, they can be very observant (when they’re not sleeping heavily). They are quick to alert their owners to strange sounds signifying potential intruders… they just might be too scared to investigate these strange noises further.

Alert pug