The Duality of Pugs

Pugs have so much personality in their little bodies that it’s hard to imagine where they keep it all. With all this comes a definite duality since they can be heartmeltingly sweet, but unbelievably stubborn. They go from sleeping (and snoring!) to running in crazy pug circles in the blink of an eye. Our pug Nickie in particular goes from fearlessly charging at the pizza delivery guy to cowering under the table during a storm. Today we are celebrating the many facets of pugs that come together to make them just the most amazing dogs.

The Duality of Pugs

Photo by Woody Hibbard

Sunday Pug Train!

Happy Sunday to all the pug-lovers out there! We couldn’t resist this adorable pug train photo. (Chew chew!) It doesn’t look like the train will be leaving it’s comfy station any time soon, at least not without some serious edible motivation.

Sunday Pug Train

Photo by inajeep