Pugs on Canvas

John Emms was an English painter between 1841 and 1912 who created this painting called Pugs. He actually has a few well-known paintings of pugs, and must have been quite the avid pug-lover. We’re thinking we may need to spice up our wall decor at home with more pug art!

Pug Painting

Pug Portrait

This charming portrait of a pug was created by English artist William H. Hopkins in 1880. We don’t think there is any way that Nickie would stand still enough for a portrait, unless she was painted while sleeping.

Pug Portrait

Picture of Elegance

Margaret Collyer was well-known for her many paintings of canines throughout her career. We think she really captured the essence of a pug when she painted the cuddly and loyal companion in “True Friends Girl and Black Pug” in 1908.

Pug Painting

Princess and Her Pug

This lovely portrait of a pug (and princess) was painted by Louis-Michel van Loo in 1759. The painting “Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna Golitsyna” captures the luxury and opulence of the Russian court. Pugs were very popular in Russia since the days of Peter the Great, and they had become a symbol of aristocracy.

Princess painting

Queen Victoria’s Pugs

Queen Victoria was one of the most well-known royal pug enthusiasts. She had kept 36 pugs and was also a pug breeder. This is a lovely painting of Queen Victoria’s pugs by Gourlay Steell called The Drumplier Pugs, circa 1867.

Queen Victoria's Pugs

Portrait of a Pug

William Hogarth was an English artist and pug enthusiast that lived from 1697 to 1764. In 1745 he painted a self portrait with his adorable pug. He also included a pug in his 1730 painting entitled “A House of Cards”.

Hogarth Pug Portrait

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