Happy first day of fall!

Fall is one of our favorite seasons, and it’s one of our pug’s favorite seasons as well! Gone are the sweltering, hot days of summer and in come the breezy, cool days of fall! We love sipping apple cider and taking long walks to watch the changing leaves with our pug, and we can’t wait kick off the fall festivities today!

Happy first day of fall pug

Photo by kreezzalee



Graceful Pug

Playtime with your pug is one of the best times of the day. Their excitement is definitely contagious, and we were rooting for our pug Nickie to catch her panda toy every time. She missed a lot, but didn’t seem to mind. Here are some of our pug’s most determined playtime moments of the day, as well as moments of surprise when the panda evaded her grasp.

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Saturday Playtime

There’s no better way to start a fantastic Saturday, than with some invigorating playtime after breakfast. (Nickie recognizes the value of the most important meal of the day and refuses to do anything until she has had her breakfast. She is definitely a good influence on us.) I think the octopus was surprised to be caught so easily.

Saturday Playtime1

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