Good Morning to You Too

Sometimes we wish we could live a day in the life of our pampered pug. She spends her hours napping, playing, and cuddling (and scavenging around the kitchen floor for food). What could be better? We can’t help but feel like pugs might know how good they have it, and be rubbing it in a little bit when they stick out their little pink tongues.

Pug With Tongue

Photo by tjortenzi2012

So Tired… Must Continue Licking…

Pugs are notorious for many quirky behaviors, and one of these is definitely their constant licking of just about anything they encounter. We were up bright and early this morning, and even though Nickie was still a bit groggy, she spent several minutes sprawled out licking her bed (and clutching her penguin for reasons unbeknownst to us) before finally giving in and drifting off to sleep.

Tired Licking Pug

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Brace Yourself for BBQ

We’re looking forward to some quality time with the grill this afternoon to make some delicious BBQ. Nickie usually spends grill time trotting around the yard or basking lazily in the sunshine. When it’s time to serve the food though, she’s front and center ready to pounce on anything that might make its way to the ground. Pugs are always prepared for a good BBQ.

Brace Yourself for BBQ Pug

Photo by liz west

Mixed Emotions

Pugs are complex little creatures with a lot of personality, and our pug Nickie is usually pretty good at communicating how she’s feeling. This one was perplexing though. We put a treat on the floor, and it was hard to tell at first whether she was initially excited about it or terrified of it. Maybe she thought it was a trick? She eventually sorted it out and grabbed her tasty treat.

Mixed Emotions1

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