Trouble times two!

We love pugs, and we know that they are experts at getting into trouble when they have the proper motivation. What pug could resist diving into the recycling and playing in all the old newspapers (and nibbling on the tastiest pages)? Our pug definitely has a weakness for chewing up paper, so we have to be extra careful to help her stay out of trouble!

trouble times two pugs

Photo by sunsets_for_you

Sharing Pug Love

We love how sweet and devoted pugs are. It is heartwarming to see pugs playing together and sharing their toys. We especially love it when our pug Nickie brings us her favorite toys and lays them at our feet. It’s almost like she’s trying to give us a turn to play with them.

Sharing Stick Pugs

Photo by Judith Arsenault

Hooray! It’s Morning! … Now Let Me Go Back to Sleep…

Everyone (and every pug) has times  where they wake up with all the best intentions but the motivation quickly sneaks away. We’re feeling quite sleepy this overcast morning, and even Nickie seems to be a little sleepier than usual. We may have to join this adorable little pug for an emergency nap break!

Now Let Me Go Back to Sleep Pug

Photo by Meaghan O’Malley