Multitasking Pug

Just like their favorite people, pugs are also creatures of habit. Our pug Nickie spends every morning playing with her bacon-flavored bone toy (we’re pretty sure it’s her favorite). Once she’s done for the morning, she’ll ignore the toy for the rest of the day until the next morning. This is a rare instance where we found her combining both of her favorite morning activities – stretching and chewing on her bone!

Just Playing Pug

Saturday Playtime

There’s no better way to start a fantastic Saturday, than with some invigorating playtime after breakfast. (Nickie recognizes the value of the most important meal of the day and refuses to do anything until she has had her breakfast. She is definitely a good influence on us.) I think the octopus was surprised to be caught so easily.

Saturday Playtime1

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Lazy Pug Stretch

You know Nickie is tired when she won’t even get out of her bed to stretch in the morning. It looks like she’s trying to turn into a pug giraffe with that impressive neck length. After her lazy half stretch, our sleepy pug stared at us for a minute or two and then plopped back down to resume her staring.

Lazy Pug Stretch2

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