Reluctant Pug

Pugs have so much character, and they are known for having quite a stubborn streak. We have learned that when our pug decides she is done walking, then she is definitely done walking. This pug appears to be not so sure about this whole “long walks on the beach” idea.

Reluctant pug

Photo by Craig Chew-Moulding


We tried to get the pug to play this morning, but it doesn’t look like she is interested. Maybe we scared her off with too much enthusiasm? In any case, Nickie has withdrawn to the corner of the room to scowl at us. She’ll probably feel better after breakfast.


Walking Fail

Alright, in Nickie’s defense, this was taken at the end of one of her intense full body fur shakes, not just walking across the room. However, it seems like she never really knows how to end the shake session, and she usually ends up staggering for a few steps before recovering and looking around to see if there were any witnesses to her awkwardness. This time, there were.

Walking Fail