Treat? What Treat?

We gave Nickie her usual treat this morning after going outside, but then she started acting like we had forgotten to give it to her at all. Here she is begging for more treats and maybe looking a little offended that we wouldn’t give her another. It’s for the best little pug, it’s for the best.

Treat What Pug Treat

  • Phishhed444

    Aaawww…..she’s adorable!!! My little male Pug, “Bubba Joe” is 21 weeks today and he looks a LOT like her. They’re wonderful!!! He’s been a little difficult to potty train but he’s getting it. The treat thing has to be monitored tho’…we are all succeptible to Pug-treat-overload (to a degree)?!

    • AboutPug

      Well I’m glad he is starting to catch on, it can make life much harder when they don’t! We agree – It IS hard not to spoil them though :)